Cycle computer, too much choice.


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Just a quicky to see what experiences you've had and therefore what advice you would give.
Cycle computers, any brands better than others? Are expensive ones really that much better than a budget one?
I don't want to pay a fortune but I don't want to waste money buying a cheap one that won't give me what I need, they all appear to do everything ie: speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance, time etc. but there are so many to choose from The more I look the more confused Im becoming.
Any help gratefully recieved.


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cateye velo 8 seems wonderful to me, used mine for 2 weeks, not a single problem.

So for a basic computer its perfect.

i have seen em for £15 online. although paid £20 in a shop for mine.


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I've got 2. One on the MTB and a cheap Aldi on the road bike. Can't fault the Aldi. Although it's not wireless it does everything: Kcal; min/max temp; stop watch; odo; trip; speed; ave speed; time; ride time. All functions easy to access. The instruction leaflet is a little daunting though. 2 sides of A2 with 1 side for set up and the other for use. Full page of about 50 drawings of what it does when you press buttons x, y or z. Still for the money £4.99 an excellent buy if you can still find one in store, they were out about a month ago.


They all work pretty much the same way so you are really looking for functions, build quality, weather protection and fitting quality. Do you want wired or wireless. I have a Halfords 5 wireless. Cost less than a tenner, has been used in all manner of weather, has a nice clear display and does what I need it to. At the other end of the scale I bought a £2:99 wired one from Wilkinsons, and that really was the pits.
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