Cycle Route 72 (Wylam to Prudhoe) .. is it open ?

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I have just booked a train journey to Prudhoe in Northumberland and a return trip from Wylam

Looking on the map, there is a cycle route (number 72) which runs along the south side of the River Tyne, which would make a lovely walk.

However, a friend of mine said he was cycling there last year and there had been a landslide, resulting in the path being closed. More annoyingly (if walking) there was no early warning notice of the closure, it was only when he came across a newly erected fence, blocking the path that he discovered the problem. Cycling to a dead end would have been a bit annoying,. but if I was walking it would be doubly so, especially if I have a train to catch

Is the path open now ?

thanks !
A friend of mine who lives in Wylam , not a cyclist, says the path is open....
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