Cycle Schemes?

They all seem to be basically the same, the real difference I can see comes with some allowing use of some retailers that others do not.

Cyclescheme itself does not use Halfords, for example. So no Boardman bike option for me.


I set up my own. Much easier than using a third party, the staff member can usually get a discount so it's cheaper too.
I'm in a Halfords scheme - no real choice and everything a real headache. Whilst the bike obsessives like us will do the research, most of my colleagues just get confused or ripped off.

I tried to persuade the bosses that cyclescheme was the best option for choice and convenience, but would they listen?


Jezston said:
Any info on how to do this?
How long have you got? :smile:

First thing, is your employer amenable? If they have more than a couple of dozen staff, they'll probably have methods for salary sacrifices set up already as it's used for similar tax benefits for childcare vouchers so the toughest part will be persuading the FD to go with it. And FD's are always bastids who say "no" by default. :smile:

What sized company and how many are likely to cycle?


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just thought i'd bump tis thread rather than make another!

i work for morrisons & they dont do a cycle scheme! so i'm going to write to head office about it as there are alot of staff who cycle (about 20) & its just getting more popular here.

what i want to know is which scheme to go for. nearest halfords is about 7 miles from work but there are 3 LBS in redcar
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