Cycle to work scheme, would I be ok .....

I have ridden my bike to work for the last 4 years. My current bike is fine and would continue to ride this bike to work. However I would like another cheap bike for general/utility use eg. shops, that I would not be too upset if it got stolen (i would lock it up though).

Now could I get this bike on a cycle to work scheme even though I would not use this bike to cycle to work, as I would continue to use my other one.

Would this be ok and legal, would there be some moral issues etc..?

Many thanks


I recall the bumf saying that you were supposed to ride it to work

I get he distant impression that no-one will ever check or care though


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No-one will check; I actually continue to use the bike I got on the BTW scheme to commute to work. HR were so impressed that they used me to help promote it the next year (thankfully only with a quote, as I was dreading a photo !).

The guy from HR who organised the whole BTW thing as part of our flexible benefits package got a bike too, and he doesn't use it to cycle to work... Tut tut. What a bad example to set :evil:
I got my bike through bike to work scheme, they say you should use the bike for 50% of the time i.e going to work. but as far as I'm aware no one has checked on me but having said that I use the bike 100% of the time so you should be OK. My team leader is also surprised that I use it all the time


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abchandler said:
You aren't expected to keep records of use, so there's no way anyone could tell anyway
In order to benefit from the reduction in tax and national insurance (and VAT if you are able to) you must use your bike for at least 50% of the time for work related travel (including any travel as part of your commute to or from work). You sign an agreement to say you understand this therefore you have no defence if anyone does ever query it. What you are doing by accepting the tax breaks yet not complying with the rules is tax evasion. You have wilfully and with full knowledge neglected to pay taxes for which you are lawfully required to.

You are not expected to keep records however if you never ride it to work then it is pretty easy to tell in that case.

The onus of proof in matters relating to tax lie with the accused and not HMRC therefore the fact that no one can prove you wrong is irrelevant as you have to prove that you did act lawfully in claiming the tax savings.

Any employer who conspires in this is exceedingly stupid as they too benefit from the tax savings and thereby equally guilty of tax evasion whereas if they shut their mouths they are probably well protected by the agreement which the employee signed regarding 50% work related use (including journeys to and/or from work).

As to the moral side well you are abusing the scheme and therefore if it is known that this scheme is being widely abused then we may all lose the benefit of it as the Treasury may just scrap it. That I think is the greater risk in all of this.

The risks are very low however you should be aware of what is that you will be doing.
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