Cycle/Trip Computer - what is this please?


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North Hampshire
Hi all,

I have just dug my wife's old bike out of the back of the shed and given it a bit of a service, as my step daughter wants to cycle around a bit. There is this trip computer attached to it which has no apparent markings other than those in the photos. It appears to rely on a sensor on the front wheel to operate, and much to my surprise when I put a new battery in it it sprang into life and recorded my speed and distance (in km) as I rode it up and down the close. It is obviously very olde school and I would be grateful if somebody could tell me it's origin or more importantly how to drive it. I can scroll through using the buttons but I can't even turn it off at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

dave r

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I still use a cateye one, you don't turn them off they just shut down automatically after the bikes been still for a few minutes, there should be a combination of buttons that lets you into the settings so you can set the clock, the wheel size and swap between KPH and MPH.
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