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I am considering getting a Pearson Touché on our C2W scheme. The scheme is being administered by Halfords.

Anyone bought a Pearson via C2W/Halfords?

Any problems or delays in Halfords sourcing the bike for you? They can get pretty much any bike you want, right?



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They can get them !


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It may be worth calling the Halfords C2W scheme 1st before ordering from store.

I was advised that I could do everything through "Leisure lakes" even though it was a halfords voucher who certainly in my opinion offer a better build, fit and advice.
Indeed I did, and through Halfords as well.

I rang both Pearson & Halfords to talk it through from spec to delivery. As soon as I asked the chap at Halfords if they could get a bike from Pearson, he asked if I was getting the Touche so there was certainly a good working relationship between them 3 years ago.

I kept track of the delivery and picked it up from the local store in the box before the spanner monkeys could get thier mitts on it.

Halfords are a bit of a mixed bag, my experience is that if you call the C2W team in he central office they will do what they can to help you get what you want.

Mind you I have heard on the grapevine that this has changed a bit for our scheme and they are limiting the stuff you can get. I am not sure if this is specific to my company or the Halfords scheme in general. Give them a call to talk about your requirements.


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I never had any dealings with Halfords when I got my Touche through the cycle to work scheme last year. I just went straight to Pearson's and they took the Halfords voucher directly as payment.


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From experience, don't let Halfords near your bike. I had a Saracen MTB from them once. No longer own it. However they managed to set the gears up so that 2 days in to owning the bike, I changed down into first gear, the chain came off between the cassette and spokes. Knackered a few spokes, snapped the chain, and left me fuming!

Partially my own fault for not checking the setup. Then trying to get them to fix it, well that is a story in itself, and it wasn't amusing.

Hence I got my bike from a proper bike shop this time round, guys that know there stuff. Plus I have learnt a lot and check my own gears and pretty much most other things.

Halfords! sends a chill down my spine!


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clarion said:
The Touche is a great bike. If you want to limit your budget, the Hanzo is good too.

Don't ever give anything to Pearsons workshop, but the shop staff are knowledgeable and helpful.
I really like my Touche too - it's a great ride. But TBH I was a bit dissapointed with the overall buying experience from Pearsons. I'd seen lots of glowing reports of the shop, and that played a large part in my decidng to go for a Touche over anything else.

Although the sales staff were friendly enough, they didn't seem overly helpful during my visit or even particulalrly interested in the sale. And unfotunately, when I picked up the bike, I was so full of 'shiny new bike' excitement (this was my first new bike since I was a kid) that I failed to notice the stem and cranks were different lengths to what I had specified, and more worryingly, the brake calipers weren't properly tightened onto the frame and there was no lock ring on the fixed cog.

I'd travelled quite a way to Sutton to get the bike, so I just sorted these things out myself rather than travel all the way back. I suppose I was just unlucky and even decent shops screw up occasionally. But good as the Touche is, I wouldn't be in a hurry to buy from Pearsons again.


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i had the opposite - Matt from Pearson was very helpful when i got my garden gate 62cm touche and was built up fine
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