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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by jiggerypokery, 9 Jun 2008.

  1. jiggerypokery

    jiggerypokery Über Member

    Other than Halfords do you guys know of any other lbs that are supporting cycle2work where I can peruse for my latest purchase?

    I used PlanetX last time and I'm very happy with my carbon diva but would like to shop around this time. Looking at a fixie like the Charge Plug or a crosser.

  2. skwerl

    skwerl New Member

    depends who your company uses.
    Evans run a scheme - Evans bikes only
    Halfords supply any bike on sale in the UK, regardless of supplier so could get from PlanetX, Condor, etc
    CycleScheme have a full list of suppliers that include most of the independents
  3. just ask at your LBS's to see if they do
  4. Rykard

    Rykard Über Member

    I didn't think Halfords were doing Planet X anymore. There was a fallout over costs etc..