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Cyclechat racing team (Zwift)

Discussion in 'Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others' started by jifdave, 12 Feb 2018.

  1. jifdave

    jifdave rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast

    I noticed tonight that there appears to be a team on Zwift power for cyclechat.

    I’ve been looking for a team to join so I decided to join just in case it was a group off these forums.

    Who else is part of the club?

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  2. Breedon

    Breedon Veteran

    We're in the bkool splitters thread, just a bunch of us who use zwift and race from time to time but nothing serious but mainly taking the pee out of each other ^_^ and some of us have CycleChat as part of our name so you can spot us.
    Im Dean Hallam in zwift
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  3. Specialeyes

    Specialeyes Senior Member

    Ooh, looking at the w/Kg on that link I might be tempted to do a few races - got my FTP back up to 268w - (3w/Kg) and am Dave Reeson - BikeCurious in Zwift. See you online!
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  4. si_c

    si_c Über Member

    :hello: I also drop in and out of Zwift races now and again, I find them more fun than the workouts. You can probably work out who I am in the group :okay:
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  5. OP

    jifdave rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast

    Same I race instead of workout.

    I only do the workouts if they races don’t fit with my schedule.
  6. berty bassett

    berty bassett Veteran

    I pop in every now and then to do a bit
    But my knee hurts shoulder hurts head hurts and back hurts o and I have flu borderline plurasy
    There - I have claimed all excuses in this thread !! All mine ha
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  7. JLaw

    JLaw Über Member

    I'm a reg in C, particularly the mid week kiss races. JLaw.

    Still fighting the man flu... It ain't fun hacking up a lung every few minutes.
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  8. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Disc brakes - Stopping things since 1902

    Northern Ireland
    Cool I'm in too :smile:
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  9. CXRAndy

    CXRAndy Veteran

    My sympathy Jeff
  10. uclown2002

    uclown2002 Veteran

    Good to see many 50+ in there too!
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