Cyclemagic Festival @ Leicester Sky Ride August 29th


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Sky have asked Cyclemagic to organise one of our festivals as part of Leicester Skyride on August 29th.

Based at the Abbey Pumping Station Museum the festival will include a bike try-out, reverse steer bike challenge, tall bikes, short bikes, circus bikes tandems, tricycles, penny farthings, boneshakers, recumbents, folders, racing pedal cars, cycling history, Wobbly John* and Arch*.;)

Thanks to Sky and Leicester City Council it's all free:biggrin:

*News of other celebs to follow;)


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Heck, I better come then...

My Mum will be pleased, she'll see me when I come for the Genteel picnic ride (and can I borrow something 60's please?:tongue:) and then three weeks later too...
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