Cycling and abs


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Commuted home last night on the roadie (7 miles- Holborn to the Tooting Bec Common), took an hour break to take in the Tour De France daily highlights then hit the gym for an upper body weights session.

Noticed (not for the first time) in the abs circuit section of my workout, the abs felt distinctly more 'used' than normal, making for a challenging sesh (especially in the planks).

I've never really considered cycling a workout for the abs, but I guess it would require a degree of core stability to keep the bike straight and steady whilst pumping the legs.

Maybe a road bike accentuates this due to the body position?
not really, IME. If your abs are having to work while you are cycling, then it is possible that your position on the bike needs adjusting.


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Well, it doesn't feel as though they're working during a cycle, or feel worked after a cycle. Simply felt different at the gym. Think it's very subtle if anything, just wondering...
When I read the title I thought this was gonna be about brakes on your bike. Anyway they say you need a low body fat to show the muscles an shoot, cycling will certainly help in this regard. It only works out the muscles in the legs tho.


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Actually a strong core does help cycling a lot as proper core stabilization/strengthening program improves a cyclist’s balance, stability, muscular control, and pedaling efficiency thus enabling him/her to improve performance while minimizing the risk of injury. The core though is not just the main 6 pack but the obliques, lower back muscles,hip flexors and even ab/add ductors.
This site gives a few hints .,0
Study by aussie cycle team physio..


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core strength is very import to cycling,this can be broke down to many ways balance is a big one,posture and positioning,strength and maintained strength,if you do aggressive ab crunches maybe it works for you,I have gone down the pilates route a few times inner core,is the way forward for me ,also over the years I have seen people do rip diets to show muscle definition if thats your thing,go for it,
as for does cycling help your abs?as with most exercise you will always exercise a secondary muscle group,so next time your out consider what groups you are using secondary,strong triceps,holding going down hill,abs for balance and stability,shoulders for up hills,linked to your traps and so on,so to do more distance you may need to strengthen,inner core and certain groups


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I can feel my upper abs being worked (not terribly hard, mind you) when I'm out of the saddle. Lower abs and what are they, your hip adductors? will probably be working even when seated..

They say Wiggo has been doing a lot of upper body work (core and arms, etc.) to help his power transmission when seated and standing.
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