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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by jely, 19 Jun 2008.

  1. jely

    jely New Member


    Due to my passport being stuck at the Home Office for a few months, and therefore not being able to leave the country, I'm thinking about cycling around Wales.

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what the camping grounds are like - I'm presuming pretty decent. I'm thinking about heading off around the beginning August... I would prefer not to have to book, as I have no set course, but would it be adviseable as I hear school hols are around that time?

    Also, any suggestions as to where to head would be greatly appreciated as well. I'm thinking to just wing it but if there's anything that is a "MUST SEE", then it would be great to know about it. I figure I'll pick up snippets of information at campsites as I go along too...

    Thanks a million!!

  2. My advice would be to join the Camping and Caravanning club straight away.

    The reason is that this gives you access to a network of small sites, usually behind pubs or on farms, that are only available to members of the club. You also get a guide listing and rating almost every campsite in the country, the commercial ones as well as those owned by or only available to club members.

    If you like big sites with plush facilities, but with big prices to match, don't bother. If you're cycling, though, you'll usually want sites a bit closer together than the biggies are. Especially in rural Wales. Commercial sites can get busy in school holidays. The members-only ones will tend to be quieter, but it might stioll be best to phone ahead each morning to check that there's a slot at your destination.

    'Course, Wales is full of ou-of-the-way places where you can camp discreetly for nothing... but you won't get any facilities.
  3. Dormouse

    Dormouse New Member

    I would suggest Tal-y-Llyn or Dolgellau. There are two basic camp sites at the top end of Tal-y-Llyn and there are two pubs that you can walk/cycle to if you don't want to cook. There are plenty of quiet tarmac roads and several unsurfaced roads around Cadair Idris. There is also a cycle path along the Mawddach estuary if you prefer an easy flat route and you can walk/cycle across the railway bridge to Barmouth.

    The A roads will be busy, though, but no problem if you are used to cycling in London.

    It is a beautiful area if the weather is good.
  4. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    But Wales is foriegn isn't it?:smile::smile:
  5. OP

    jely New Member

    nice one ... and definitely not one for plush! liking the idea of camping discreetly and have the smallest tent so i guess it is possible (just take a bottle of febreeze along!). am trying to save my pennies so probably won't join the C&C club but thank you kindly for your suggestions.

    Mawddach trail - i was just reading about that... i was thinking of doing some trekking and camping around Snowdonia/Brecon Beacons national park - just to give my bum a rest and break up the cycling trip.

    And you're right Dormouse, busy is fine as long as there are no red buses or black cabs zooming past me with only inches to spare!!
  6. alp777

    alp777 New Member

    How about doing the "Lon las Cymru", 250miles from Chepstow to Holyhead (or vice versa).

    Probably the toughest sustrans route in the UK, easy to follow and many campsites on route.

    I would suggest googling "Lon Las Cymru" for more info.
  7. 'Discreet' camping is the way to go. Once you're up on the moors above the fields there are no end of perfect spots. Of course you may to clear away some sheep poo in places. And if you're that discreet you'll find other places behind stone walls, above beaches etc. shame the weather is not more reliable but it's the best way to camp, so go for it.
  8. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    Aberystwyth is a gorgeous little town by the sea
  9. sadjack

    sadjack Senior Member

    Look at the Lon Cambria Sustrans route as well, Its Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury or vice versa.

    It goes through the Elan Valley which is beautiful. You could link then with the Lon las Cymru to go north or south depending on your wishes. There is also another sustrans route that could link in taking you south west to pembrokeshire (Lon Teifi) and then across the south to Cardiff (Celtic Trail).

    As for "must see's", go north and have a look around Snowdonia, gods country, but then again I do live in North Wales :ohmy:
  10. skmc1955

    skmc1955 Well-Known Member

    have a quick ride through Rhyl and anywhere you go after that will seem like paradise!!
  11. sadjack

    sadjack Senior Member

    Ahhhh Rhyl. Lovely place. Nice wide seafront cycle path. Just wide enough to go round the drunks apart from one little pinch.

    But its not far from the hills, in fact you can see them on a nice day. ;)
  12. OP

    jely New Member

    yes, i saw you wrote something about this town in another post and have already marked it as a must :smile:

    Basically, i'm thinking i will start off in Cardiff (my brother lives there)... follow the coast around to the Pembrokeshire region, keep following the coast along to Snowdonia, stop off and do some walking ... then follow the Lon Las Cymru (holyhead to cardiff) path...

    oh, and Uncle Phil, I took your advice and ended up getting a membership with the C&C club... mainly for the certified sites... but will still try and do some wild camping along the way to mix it up a bit.

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions - much appreciated :smile::biggrin:
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