Cycling camps


Nr Cambridge
So I get a chance to go on a 10 day (7 days cycling, 1 gym day & 2 rest days) cycling camp, Alpine climbing development for intermediate & experienced road riders, so with the purchase of a few now essential necessities (11-28 cassette & a bike bag) I pack my bags & jump on a plane. I'm not sure where you'd go to get on something like this & if I remember I'll ask who was the UK supplier.

Firstly being with 45-50 like minded individuals which are around my strength levels was great & the first real chance to test my self against riders who where only slightly stronger than me. We were based around one hotel & all the food/drink you needed on & off the bike was provided in the costs, though you could buy more if you wished. From the hotel went out on routes with a given set of targets for the day. Each day began with a briefing outlining the aforementioned targets & giving other useful information about what to expect or where there may be problems, etc. There was also some limited time to talk one on one about specific problems. As well as the climbing we also had a day in a gym & tuition on what exercises you should do & how to organising your own off-bike training plus a half day on managing nutritional requirements.

All in all I had a great time, learnt a lot about my self, answered some questions I had & posed some more. Now where do I sign up for the next one :laugh:
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