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What exactly is it you're expecting to get.
What's the link between having indicators fitted, view of your surroundings whilst cycling being obstructed and having your bike stolen.

First question, e-mail address required, rules out taking part.


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"Do you feel your bike is secure".... What does that mean, is it "Do you feel your bike is secured against theft?" Or "Do you feel secure riding it?"

Indicators? Seriously?

"Do you struggle to see parts of your surroundings while riding ?"
Depends, hedges get in the way of the view sometimes. Buildings too.

What are you aiming at here? The questions are oddly phrased, seemingly not linked, and probably ill thought out. Maybe try to rephrase things to align with what you're trying to do.
(Which I suspect is a study into fitting motorbike mirrors and electric Indicators on pedal bikes, and that's a truly stupid and unnecessary idea).


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There are a few issues with your request that need a little attention; members might then be more likely to be able to help you out.
Can you say a little more about your 'capstone group' and what the background to your project is? Are you in school, college or university (or elsewhere) and what research project is this survey supporting?

As others have said, an email address is personal information which people are understandably reluctant to give away lightly. But if you could explain why it's needed, potential respondents might be more sympathetic.

Some of your questions might need a little more context. For example:
  1. Do you feel your bike is secure? When and how? Whilst riding or when parked? Against theft, or coming apart?
  2. How often has your bike been stolen ? If I respond 'once', does that not make 'multiple' redundant? If my bike's been pinched, it can't be pinched again, can it?
  3. Do you struggle to see parts of your surroundings while riding ? Can you add a little to explain under what circumstances?
Several of the questions use the expression 'your bike' or similar. It's quite likely respondents may have more than one bike, so how would you prefer them to respond?

Have a read through this post, amend your survey in the light of that, then resubmit it and you might find you attract more helpful responses.

Good luck with your project.
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