Cycling in Lebanon


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I am hopefully starting a job in Lebanon next year.

Not 100% certian yet, but it is looking very good.

I would be living in Adma, just north of Beirut.

Any good cycling out there, or has anyone toured through Lebanon etc????


Pretty much like cycling in Bristol I believe.


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I am sure it will be great, but I wouldn't go around dressed like you are in your avatar:smile:


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Hate to spoil the party but cycling is illegal in the Lebanon and doing so is punishable by enforced circumcision and anal probing.
Well, as I've written elsewhere, I've done it. I know ZZ to be a hardy soul, and will read his accounts of his bicycling exploits with relish, but, to be honest, if I go again I may well leave the bike at home. Bloody terrifying. And this from someone who treats the A3 with disdain.

If you stick to the back roads you'll get very very fit very quickly. The hills are steep. I'd taken the 12/21 off the back and put on a 12/27 - and needed every cog.
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