Cycling incident


Ouch. I thought it was you for a minute Maggers. Glad it was only a kid. It'll toughen him up for the challenges of adult life.

Having said that, isn't it odd that you only feel the worst injury when you get multiple ones like this.


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automatic_jon said:
I really want a unicycle and I have no idea why. Easier to park I suppose, I could just stash it under the desk.
I've got one, but I'm a long way from mastering it. They're blomming difficult!
From these (a & b) vids unicycles look dangerous :biggrin:
Respect to the guy who I passed going the other way on Monday evening on a unicycle (and disrespect from the twit in the car who blasted their horn at him whilst passing, despite the unicyclist being in the cycle lane)


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Vikeonabike said:
Well it's his own fault, he should have been wearing a HELMET!

Vike dives for cover, under the dining room table!
And a perfect example of where Hi-Vis is a really bad idea :smile::biggrin::biggrin:
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