Cycling passed the Olympics..

So, I've been cycling directly passed the Olympics venues to/from work everyday. I was curious what this morning's ride in would be like - I passed it around 8.15am.

It's a dream around there, much fewer cars than normal although quite a few coaches.
The best bit is that, although the reasons they're there are controversial, it's an honour to see our troops doing their job and not just ceremonial. When you see them lined up against the (presumably) G4S guys, there's an aura of control that's quite something.

Anyway, not a question, just my thoughts....


Anyway, not a question, just my thoughts....
I found the same at Eton Dorney, with very little traffic around the place, much less than usual. The best thing about the army chaps doing security was they actually seemed to realise that they were a pain and being chatty, jovial and really apologetic about what they were doing.

We put everything which would need scanning into my camera bag (3 cameras, 5 phones, iPad, Nexus 7 etc) as I know the cameras alone are enough to get me stopped. The soldier who went through it was amazing, "Can you open this, please... Can you show me that working, please... Wow, 5 phones... etc", all whilst I was also talking to the girl who was checking everyone through the body scanner.

Then the 2 policemen were happy to chat about the guns they were carrying with my son, opening with "It seems strange that the soldiers are checking bags whilst the police stand and watch with guns in their arms.

Then the ticket checkers were making jokes about the scanns meaning their work was like that of a Tescos checkout operator... all in all, a hugely impressive and very welcoming experience.
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