Cycling Statistics


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Thanks for that link shady. Very helpful if a depressing reminder that cycling has decreased from being a major transport medium in my youth to something minor today - despite the bragging by all the groups, most of which did not exist when cycling was truly popular.

The frightening statistics is the non-use of cycles. It makes it almost worth having a SORN system. Make it a pain not to use 'em!

We need a BLF (Bicycle Liberation Front) to get them back on the road. Free service, a lesson, short ride and a picnic for anybody who has at least two years dust on their machine.


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I think most of the time people have a perception that with all the traffic on the roads that its far too dangerous to ride a bicycle.

But personally the more bicycles on the road the better, as traffic will get used to them.

As far as i can tell there seems to have been a major increase of bicycle usage on the isle of man in the last few years - whether this is due to petrol prices / more promotion of cycling or what but its good to see except when they ride on the pavement...!!!


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