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Hi everybody,

To keep myself fit I decided to cycle all the paved passes of the alps!

To prepare myself for a pass I had to open many different websites to get the information needed to cycle a pass.

So I decided to create a webpage that bundles all the information available in the web about passes in the alps!
The information contains pretty cool stuff, like 3d tours, profiles, foto's video's and much more!

Now the cool thing about this website is: that the information about each pass is very easy and fast accessible with the right mouse button!

So go to my website and get a great virtual experience of cycling passes in the alps.



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Great stuff, thanks for letting us know!!

(Having spent more time on the site, it's BRILL!!!)


Superb - I stumbled across your site via google a couple of months back actually and hope to be able to add a few comments when I get back off tour in August.


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Sadly it doesn't work on Linux (the Google Earth Plugin is currently only available on Windows and Mac OS X 10.4+), I will try again if get around to using Window sometime.


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Hi everybody,

There are some good updates.

- Slideshows and 3D tours are fullscreen now.
- Leave own comments on each pass above 2000m. (Passes above 2000m have a star)
- A introduction video on what is all possible with this website
- Suggest box to start directly video's. slideshows or 3D tours.

And a lot more.

Have a look.
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