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I don't know of any tests conducted with kittens. I do know of legion stories that include phrases like "helmet was split completely, if they hadn't been wearing it they would have broken their skull." I am suggesting that the prevalence of these stories shows a high failure rate at crunch time.

OK, point taken, although those people didn't also suffer sufficiently substantial skull injuries to die, but clearly there's a big chance component there. So in the absence of an in-van black box (and wouldn't that be a good idea) the jury end up with one guy's word that he was 'driving slowly'. Wonder if the governement could ever be persuaded to mandate black-boxes for all vehicles?


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I would describe "Driving slowly" on a dual carriage way as anthing under 20mph (although I am sure there are a great many drivers who would define it as anything below the speed limit !)
How much damage did striking the ground cause to the helmet ? Of course we don't know so why are so many experts in this sad case ?


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Well, just because a driver can be cleared of hitting a cyclist because of 'low sun' that doesn't mean the flood gates are open to excuse this sort of thing.....or does it?

This driver hit a man and killed running into the back of a TRUCK!!!!

We are being let down BADLY by irresponsible, careless, aggressive, incompetent, dangerous drivers who are pardoned their indiscretions by a farkING PATHETIC 'justice' system.......
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