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Friday, 22 February 2008
A cyclist died after he was mown down and crushed by a bus in central London last night.

The horror smash in Park Lane at 11 pm left the man, who has not been named, with multiple injuries and he was declared dead on the scene.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and found him trapped under the bus.

An air ambulance was scrambled but did not arrive as he was confirmed dead just half an hour later.

A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman said: "There was a road traffic accident in Park Lane at 23.02 last night. One adult male cyclist was in collision with a bus.

"He was trapped and confirmed dead on the scene by doctors."

An ambulance spokesman said they were alerted to the incident just before 11pm.

He said: "There was a male under a bus. We sent two ambulances and two fast response vehicles and a duty officer.

"The air ambulance was scrambled and did not arrive at the scene as the patient was declared dead at the scene at 23.30."

There have been no arrests over the incident, Scotland Yard confirmed.


That's horrific. No doubt with the fullness of time we'll get to hear about the lead-up to the incident, what the bus and cyclist were doing etc.


Marble Arch roundabout is a bloody nightmare when approaching from Grosvenor Place and wanting to go along Piccadilly. Not sure that Park Lane is much better. Same with Swiss Cottage roundabout. These areas need some serious cycle provision to try and reduce the risk of tragic accidents such as this.


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spindrift said:
"Mown down" blimey- that's a change from the usual "Cyclist collided with a car".

Yeah 'mown down' is pretty strong (accurate but strong for an early press report - where is that from?)

Mown down makes it sound deliberate. I know technically, it doesn't mean that, but it certainly implies it at first quick reading...


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I can't quite believe the phrase mown down - it does entirely suggest fault on the behalf of the bus. What a dreadful story though.


Link here. Judging from the picture, it was a double-decker not a bendy-bus, and doesn't appear to be the lethal 'left hook', so the circumstances are still very much in the open. Very tragic, but it's impossible to rule out the possibility that the cyclist might have been at fault. We just don't know...

[Edit]Gary R just beat me to the link


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Horrible scene, sends a shudder down my spine. Hyde Park Corner actually has a lot of cyclists use it as they decamp from the park on the north side. This sounds like it happened coming up from the south side.


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DD Buses tend to be pretty cyclist/pedestrian friendly as they have skirts all around their bottoms, no exposed wheels to suck you under.

The one scenario that springs to mind where a cyclist could be totally wiped out would be a head on collision. :sad:


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I see the link has had its first bus-driver comment. What a suprise, we're all RLJing, swervey menaces who, by implication, deserve what we get. And here we gooooooooooo aggggaaaaaaiiiinnnn.....
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