Cyclist robbed at knifepoint on canal path near Glasgow.


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A black Specialized Stumpjumper was stolen from the rider at knifepoint on the canal path near Bishopbriggs on the outskirts of north Glasgow.
This is a path that I'm sure a lot of our west of Scotland members will be familiar with as it forms part of the off road route along the canal which runs from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It's a situation I've always had some fear of, as I do most of my cycling alone but try to avoid dodgy areas, especially on weekend evenings when this happened. I've also rehearsed what I would do if I find myself in a similar situation. I like to think I would kick the rear wheel as hard as possible in the hope of buckling it and immobilising the bike. In reality when faced with 3 unpredictable males, one with a knife, I would probably just cack it and watch my pride and joy disappear forever, to be sold for a days supply of heroin or similar. Quite sad :sad:.


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Are there many dodgy area in Glasgow? Where did Rab C Nesbitt reside?
sorry to hear this - must have been alarming to say the least - knife crime a massive issue - I pretty much always avoid any traffic free route after dark. Only exception I make - I do sometimes take then very early - at the other end of the darkness - I always reckon neer to wells will be bored by then/inside somewhere maybe zonked out.
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