Cyclone by Vanhulsteijn


vintage Mercian 2012
I saw this bike in the summer issue of Urban Cyclist and decided to order one for my birthday.
Had a few problems setting up the front mech, dura ace 9000 is very tall so fitted a 7900 also the chainset was a 9000 52/36 but kept rubbing in all gears so a 7900 was fitted.

Frame and fork Vanhulsteijn Cyclone
Groupset Dura Ace 9000/7900
Wheels Campag Shamals 11spd
Bars Ritchie
Stem Ritchie
Headset Threaded Dura Ace
Saddle Speclized Toupe
Tyres Conty GT25s
Pedals Shimano m240

Took it out for a spin along the river today very smooth and absorbing, it dosen't flex,there seems to be a whistle coming from the cut down seatpost which is nice.
Just the bartape left.
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That's one heck of a frame! so cool and love that colour! I am going to have to look these bikes up!
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