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Its racer type bikes with slimmer knobblies and better clearances than a normal road type frame,used on the rough,a bit like mountain bikes.


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it used to be on TV all the time years ago....but the mountian biking Cross Country is more popular...although Cyclo Cross still has it's admiring fans. ;)

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Cyclo-cross is cross country running on a bike. Usually on a 3-4 km circuit in parkland or woodland. Races last about an hour. Courses are mostly rideable but there are places where you have to run - obstacles, very steep hills.

It's great fun but physically quite demanding and you need to learn some new skills like dismounting and shouldering the bike.


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Mud, and more mud.... traffic free circuit racing with a soft-ish crash landing etc.

Bikes: traditional cyclo X bikes usually have drop bars, cantilever brakes and often utilise bar end shifters for changing gear. A lot of people ride informal 'fun' events on hard tail mtbs though, or in fact any bike that will get round a lumpy muddy field without beating you up too much.

Went to watch a local club event once where there appeared to be a fairly even mix of men, women and children doing the course. It looked like it was great fun and a good workout on a winters morning.
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