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I have got some white paint on some bricks & granite flag stones. I soaked a bit of white spirit on then went at it with a wire brush. It’s not shifted it at all. What can I try next some kind of acid?


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I can only think of paint remover.


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Remove as much paint from the flagstone as possible, using a pressure washer, equipped with a low-pressure tip. Wait 2 to 4 hours for the flagstone to dry.

Sand off remaining stubborn paint particles, using a low-grit sandpaper. Stop here if the flagstone is free from paint.

Wear rubber gloves.

Dampen a rag with paint stripping solvent. Wring excess solvent from the rag to prevent dripping.

Apply solvent to the remaining dried paint, using the rag.

Wait 60 seconds for the solvent to loosen the dried paint. Scrape off the remaining dried paint, using the putty knife and sand paper.

Scrape off as much dried paint as possible, using a putty knife.

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If its granite paving you wont damage it with a scraper.
Bricks, as above try paint stripper or a solvent for oil based.
Water based will need a different approach, pressure washer and detergent DO NOT USE ABRASIVE, light wire brushing if its a hard brick, semi engineering etc

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Oil paint will be softened up and lifted by cellulose thinners, will probably work better than modern paint strippers. It'll probably soften water based too.


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Use a propane torch and scraper to get rid of most of the dried paint. For Heaven's sake don't overheat the stone/bricks. Then grind off what's left with a stone grinding disk. As an alternative, look up "graffiti removal" on Google.

Good luck.


I’m just expecting too much from White spirit as it cleans my chains, it’s too much on the bricks.
I’ll pick up some paint stripper from screw fix. Should do the trick.
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