Dad knows best - clipless moment!


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13 yr old now had road bike for 6 months so decided to allow him clipless pedals ( I had some as well ). As dads do, I spent hours telling him, showing him and making him practice clipping and unclipping with the new pedals in the drive and against the wall.

First ride out - still nagging him about what to do , how to do it etc
5 miles into the ride in country lanes car comes towards us leaving no room to pass - he unclips and stops easily - me on the other hand forget about cleats and promptly fall sidewards with a thud.

Son behind me laughing his head off - bruised body and ego for me :-)


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Lol, that's the way it goes... he will feast on your slice of misfortune for many moons..

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Excellent. That'll be a family funny story for years. If you don't embarrass your kids, you're not doing your job!


automatic_jon said:
I had my first clipless moment in front of an entire local cycling club as I was trying to leave a tea stop at the weekend.
That's probably not so bad, because they will have all been there at some point.


Excellent, with luck he will remember it as fondly as I remember going for a mountain walk with my Dad, when I was about 9. At one point there was thick snow and I was struggling in it. My Dad saw this and, full of confidence, said "Follow Dad!" and led the way across the snow. Seconds later he was up to his waist and going nowhere, at which point I was laughing so much I nearly asphyxiated. Ever since, "Follow Dad!" has been a family byword for errors of judgement and human failure.
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