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Elmer Fudd

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Well, will a 26" × 1.5-2.2 inner tube be ok to use in a 700c-40 tyre ?
While looking for my old wireless computer at Moms (didn't find it !) I found this inner tube there, unused etc. etc. And me being tight................
( Not really, just Fundus Inoperáblius )
Elmer Fudd said:
Short, sharp and to the point, I like it !
Next person I see on an MTB with 26" presta valves gets a free schwalbe inner tube then.
Cheers Mickle.

Award yourself an extra mince pie if you can hoop it over them as they go past.


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Yes, you can use it if you want. I've used a 650x23c tube in a 700x28c tyre OK.

It will be a bit fiddly to fit inside the cover, and if you get a bit of glass/flint in your tyre it will puncture quicker as it will be a bit overstretched.
They are very forgiving, I have used a 406 (20") in a 559 (26") after a valve came away.


If you don't know how old it is then it may be perished and be vulnerable.
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