Dahon Speed D7 - £120


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It's no where near mint now. Needs a good clean and new front brake blocks - I can probably take care of that in the next few weeks. If you have the time and you are in a hurry, I can supply the new brake blocks with the bike and you can fit them yourself.

Chain was seized last time I used it, bit of oil and some perseverance freed it up again. Still quite rusty, but perfectly rideable.
There are quite a few marks on the frame - one from where it fell against a wall in a hotel room.

Includes el bosso bag - tho the inner slip which covers the bike has quite a bit of oil on it from the chain. The bag itself is in good nick.

For sale because I will no longer need it to collect hire cars. Not really up to the trouble of posting - delivery possible in localities of Telford, Manchester and Derby.
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