Damaged but proud


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Southend On Sea
Self aggrandisng nonsense I know but massively proud that completed the Orchid Cycle Essex Road 75 mile ride yesterday raising money for Male Cancer- left at 9am arrived back at 2.25 which I'm sure is slow for some but good enough for me! Prepared with a red wine fueled evening with my lovely Josie finishing up at 2am. Up at 6.30 to cycle back five miles to collect my road bike and get my lift at 7am - as half asleep and hungover I crashed on the way back along on Southend Seafront and was left with a bashed up knee and cut arm and elbow. Got home, stuck on some bandage and left for the ride...and completed it!

Foolishly very proud and had a marvelous day, met some fantastic people but arm and knee now swollen like crazy things.

Inspired to now try a 100 mile ride and thanks to Essex Roads Cycle Club


if you can do 75 then you can do 100 no problems. I'd never done more than 60 before Sunday and did 5.26 for the 100 !!!!
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