Damm damm Damm!!!!!!

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When i was at the TDF in London I could of bought the TDF depart badges for £2,00. I was silly not to and now I am in a bidding war on Ebay to get one. I lost out last night and now am trying again. They are going for about £1.50 plus pp. What should you bought and when? Any regrets for not buying something at a special moment?


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No prize to the first chap to type 'condom'..


Tim Bennet.

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A house at university. Rented for four years with three others and what we paid out would easily have got us established on the property ladder.

Three thousand pounds would have got us the place that now sells for 150 grand.


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I was a caver at college (a good few years back). Looking for a club base in Yorkshire I was offered an ex railway cottage in the dales for £200. I thought about it but in the end I bought a deck and amplifier - wrong decision :tongue: :?:


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Same for the house thing. Ten years ago, my parents offered to buy me a £45k starter home with the intention that I buy it back from them when I was earning enough. They now sell for £150k, so I would have been sitting on £100k profit. Still, with the 3 for 2 offer on wine at Threshers, I'm slowly recovering my lost fortune.
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