Dangerous overtake


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This road:


I was going down the hill in the direction shown in my car. It's a blind right hand turn, and a steep hill. I was met by a cyclist coming the other way, who was being overtaken on the corner by a 4x4. I braked hard and sounded the horn (illegal use, but hey). The picture doesn't really do justice to the steepness of the hill, but it's a hilly town that I live in, so cyclists obviously will go slow. It was a dangerous overtake which I was not that pleased about, and you may notice the road surface isn't exactly the cleanest.

Anyway, my two passengers praised my quick reactions and so on, at which time I started explaining this is exactly the kind of crap we have to put up with on a semi-regular basis. Those who have never tried cycling on derestricted roads really don't understand how scary it is when people do such things - after all, will they hit the car or swerve away and crush the cyclist?

The other driver probably thought he did nothing wrong.
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