Dartmoor Classic


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Lovely Devon
I've signed myself up for the Dartmoor classic, with 3 weeks to go and i only found out about it last week, i seriously need to prepair. I've been getting out on the bike every other day. done a section of the route. but so far the furthest i've gone is 23 miles, which i know for some of you is a walk in the park, but the route is 64 miles!
it's a very hilly route, (not my best thing).

Any tips on technique, mindset, what to wear, eat and take with me?

cheers ;)

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Good luck with the ride, cyclenic and I hope the weather is not too harsh. As for advice or tips for the ride and preparation I think that is very well covered in the "Dartmoor Classic" website and if you read and follow that you should be in a good condition to carry out the ride. This is the link to the site - http://www.dartmoorclassic.co.uk/info.html !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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