Dave Kane TT League 08, 25TT, Northern Ireland.

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  2. I'm over working in NI in the coming weeks and will be looking to enter some TT's, can anyone point me in the right direction as I cant see anything on the CI website.


  3. OP

    speedkingsox New Member

    Here is the remainder of the calender...

    Dave Kane Time Trial League / Sport Active Veterans League

    22nd May Woodgreen 16 km
    29th May Lindsey’s Corner/Antrim Rd 16 km

    05th June Eric Maxwell/DK League 16 km Warrenpoint Rd.
    10th June Jimmy Devlin/DK League 16 km Ballydonaghy
    12th June Woodgreen 16 km Championships
    19th June Glenavy 16 km
    26th June Clady Corner 16 km

    03rd July Toome 16 km
    06th July Tommy Givan Ballydonaghy/Ulster 80 Km Championships
    24th July Woodgreen 16 km
    31st July Ballydonaghy 16 km

    03rd August Letterkenny
    07th August Toome 16 km
    14th August Woodgreen Ulster 40 km Championship
    21st August Ballydonaghy 16 km
    28th August Woodgreen 16 km

    Keep an eye out here...


    Email me if you need any info on a date you fancy racing...


    Hope to see you on the road some night.

    Team Madigan
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