Its only just dawned on me that you are in the same place as this:

A friend gave me a disc said watch this...

Getawayinstockholm is like a series in which some blokes or blokes seem to get a kick out of driving like bloody maniacs AND teasing the local fuzz !

The back end of the youtube link ()getawayinstockholmwhatever no.) has a section, if its on it, whereby 2 cars are hitting 300kphr ! on a motorway or whatever they're called over there.

The last one is the usual car driving crazy session..

Then someone appears in motorcycle leathers (you dont see the face of any of the drivers ever) and tries to 'commit suicide' (from what i can make out) in rush-hour traffic !


Have you heard of this Dav' ;)
There is a fair amount of street racing here, but that's mostly out in the suburbs or a bit further out in the country areas.
Occasionally there is the kind of racing as seen on the youtube clip.
I guessed it was early morning, but he was really lucky that the roads were empty.
Young rich males get off on street racing in their suped-up cars, with large sums of money, and street cred, at stake!

Another one for you


I saw a biker pull a wheelie doing about 180 km very early one morning last summer; impressive but I nearly shat myself just seeing it! ;)


Interesting that this 'ghostrider' bloke seems to base his life around this and would be better off racing Capirossi than the streets of Stockholm and safer too..

I do know there is a big motorbike following in north Europe but this is pretty hedonistic..

That must have been an interesting viewing when you seen the wheelie...

Each to their own I suppose ;) - bit like us cyclist though a hell of alot FASTER !
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