Dawes hybrid tyre options


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You tyres are currently 700c x 28. The wheel size determines your 700c, the 28 refers to 28mm tyre width.
Your bike has v brakes so there should be plenty of clearance for a chunkier tyre 700c x 38 or even bigger?
Whatever you choose it is likely you’ll need larger volume inner tubes too, get 3, always good to have a spare. It looks like your bike has Presta valves.
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I urge a little caution you may be limited by the width of the rear chain stays. Perhaps you could post a pic.
You should be okay up to 40c
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I'd probably fit Schwalbe Land Cruiser if I was doing much gravel riding as they give better traction in wet mud than pure road tyres. Chain Reaction have 700 x 40c at £9 a pop or 700 x 35c at a Tenner. Unless I was 100% sure the 40s would clear the frame, I'd go for the 35's. Same applies to mudguard clearance. If you run very close-fitting tyres all the crap you pick up tends to build up between the tyre and the mudguard and can be a nuisance.


measure the space from the side of the current tyre to the frame and fork. If you have 10mm gap or more, then go upto a tyre around 35mm. This will give a much nicer ride, comfy. There will be no speed penalty if you choose a quality tyre like the Schwalbe G Ones or G One Speed in 35mm
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