Deal or no deal?


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Hi all.

I've been scouring the lbs and the net trying to find a god deal for a new bike, I've looked at Ribble, Trek, Boardmans etc. I've just come from another lbs who have offered me a new Scott S55, with pedals and shoes and fitting on the bike for £789. What do you think of that, should I snap his hand off our can I do better? Cheers :smile:

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Hmm. Pedals & shoes could add extra, but the cheapest I've found it is for £560 :

It's the old 8-speed Sora system if I'm correct, which is the same as the new Shimano 2300.

Not the best value IMHO. They'd have to be really good pedals & shoes!


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Lets be reasonable they have to make some trade, however I would try haggle them with the info you have got and drum it below the £700 mark.

The fit alone is beneficial and being able to try on the shoes is better than trial & error from online order. If they wont budge then say you will have a think about it and continue looking for a better deal! ^_^
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