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Hi all, brand new member here after a little help. Having been reading through the numerous threads here I’m still no wiser. I’m after a bike that will commute and if the fancy takes me, tour. I’ve read that steel frames are better than aluminium and reasons why they are. I’ve read about all the different kinds of bikes there are including gearing, hubs, wheels etc and all the opinions of the members here and my brain is well and truly fried with choices.

What I’m after (as I’m not one for buying online and like to see what I’m buying) is a dealer/retailer local to me that can help with sound advice and not try to sell me the latest all singing all dancing bike, just a good all rounder (£500 - £700 price range). I live not far from the Hagley Rd in Birmingham, about 5 miles out of the town centre (Bearwood).

Any help/advice is gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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Can't help with Birmingham dealers but I can say a steel frame bike would be a good choice, one such would be at the top end of your budget, in fact you might need to push it a bit.
Have a look at the Genesis range who would also be able to give you a local dealer;
You could also look at Ribble;
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Always best to sit on and try before you buy but you may struggle to get a steel framed road bike within your budget at a local bike shop. You may have more luck if you are prepared to buy online.
This is a cracking bike from Ribble, Originally priced at £799 (only size M left), a bargain at £479.20 plus delivery using discount code OUTLETSALE20.

Edit - Ribble have a store in Birmingham although unlikely to stock this older model bike, give them a call?

Reynolds 525 steel frame with carbon fork.
Tiagra Groupset.
Fixing points for mudguards and rear pannier rack.

If I were buying this bike I would select the Mavic Aksium wheel upgrade, only an additional £80 after discount code, and the Zefal narrow mudguards. I would also give Ribble a call and see if they could swap the cassette for something bigger than a 25t.
Even with these options it is only ££571.20 plus delivery.
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Try Ribble shop very helpful when I used them for my 1st road bike. They will size you up in store and go though what set up is best for you. They set your bike up if you get it delivered to store delivery to store is free too.


I saw one of these in the flesh the other day and it caught my eye as it looked a smart machine. However, the carbon fork would put me off buying one. If a rider is specifically looking for a steel bike, they tend to want all-steel. Why Ribble thought mixing carbon with steel was a good idea is beyond me. In my view, they've simply degraded what would have otherwise been a really good product!


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My steel equilibrium with its carbon fork is a fantastic bike :okay:


Carbon fork on a steel bike boy what will they think of next? My steel spa has one and rides just fine.
I did think I owned a classic type steel bike clearly I'm not allowed in the club.
Better go and find a Velocipede than maybe I can be let in? :scratch:
Good morning,

I live in Worcester, which is 30 miles away but 30 minutes from New Street Station by train so almost local.

Worcester Cycle Centre is in the middle of town (with a second shop on the edge) They are mostly Specialized, Trek and Bianchi, but I have seen some Genesis bikes there.

If you go there, or anywhere else, make sure that you are clear that you may want to mount a rack (if you do) as mounts tend to have disappeared from many models.

I have bought a used bike there and someone I know also bought from them and was happy.

Ribble is great value for money but the shop in Birmingham is more of a show room for a mail order business than a shop so I don't know much help you could expect for day to day set up and maintenance issues.

The 525 linked to is a bargain, a real bargain but it is so cheap that it is not indicative of what you would pay for a similar bike anywhere else, including Ribble's current steel range.


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