Decent brake and gear inners and outers


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So, I would have bought the cheapest but following advice on this forum I'm after some ideas of what to go for - going to replace all of my cables on my Felt F95 (Road bike). This is a low-end bike so I don't want to be spending too much.

My other (daft) question is: While I'd planned to get organised and order everything off the internet this weekend, I've left my bike at work due to the rush to the polling station on Thurs night. As a result I've no idea what lengths of cables to order. Any help with this much appreciated, i.e. what length of the following do I need?

Brake cable
Brake cable casing

Gear cable
Gear cable casing

Anything else I need? Assuming the other bits like end caps can be reused?


I bought the Jagwire Road Pro kit last time. Great quality and managed to get full set of brake and gear inners and outers, along with all ferules and end crimps for £24. Had to shop around mins you. Quality and feel was so much better after replacement.
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