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Can anyone recommend soem decent catliver brakes? Mine are just about hopeless. They are just noname ones, but I can't even force the back wheel to lock up!


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You want Avid Shortys mate.

Tim Bennet

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S of Kendal
The best cantis were the old Mafac ones. You can still find them in bike jumbles, but they are much sort after and fetch fairly high prices.

The advantage of these sorts of cantis was the bridle wire was separate and more importantly, adjustable in length. It means you have far more control on the feel / power when you set them up.

They were killed off as a design for large scale production in favour of the modern split wire bridle when lawyers dreamed up some scenario where the bridle wire came loose from the brake cable and got itself hooked onto the nobbles of a mtb tyre bringing it to an instant, and catastrophic halt. It's never happened.

Small companies do still make copies of this style of brake. You see them on the top pro cross bikes. There was (is) one called 'Frog legs' (Empella ?) as well as these from

He has two versions. An exact copy for c-cross and a version for use with panniers where the arms are raised slightly.


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I'd vote for the avid shorties too, cheap* and work well in my experience

*they are quite popular so a lot around second hand: got my full set with extra pads for a £5er.

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Last night i ordered some 4ZA CB2s, by all accounts they are very good and at around £40 for front and rear set they are cheap too.


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In the future...

You can use them in most races as organisers will turn a blind eye, it's only in national champs and 3-Peak type races that you'll get into bother for trying to run discs.
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