Decent cycle lane

Actually found one today :smile:.
Urban road, of the width that would normally invite traffic in opposing directions to get a bit close passing a bike (ok, I know, use primary).

But a nice wide lane (relatively for my area, not the usual bar width example) a good 1.5m on both sides and NO center dividing markings. Result - cars using centre of carriageway and giving me lots of room by staying out of cycle lane and patiently waiting behind me for opposing traffic.

It really surprised me what a difference the layout of a few white lines can make.
Unless drivers were just all in abetter mood as the sun was out


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I found a great one last summer. It's about 6 feet wide, flat, perfect tarmac, bars every couple of miles and stunning scenery. It's beside Lake Annecey. And it's got a lit tunnel!


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The only cycle farcilites I've been comfortable on are some around Bordeaux. Old railway tracks out into the countryside have been changed into cycle routes linking towns & villages. Not exactly wide, but generally wide enough and well-enough maintained. And although they are shared use with pedestrians, the difference in attitude towards cycling & cyclists meant that conflict just didn't happen. Peds moved off to the grassed sides with a friendly bonjour and a wave. Club cyclists mixed with kids playing on their bikes and families out for a gentle cycle ride, tourists on fully panniered-up bikes (Mr Wafflycat, Wafflycat Minor and self).

Because old rail tracks were utilised, the cycle facilites were actually useful, linking towns & villages with gentle gradients as opposed to steep climbs on the nearby roads. Add into that that in many places the old stations had been changed into full-time bars/cafes/refreshment stops with shops too and even I, a dedicated loather of cycle farcilites in the UK, could see the benefit of these ones. Useful for leisure, useful for commuting, useful for utility. We stayed in a stationmaster's house that had been converted into a gite and in the morning I'd get up and pootle off to the bakery in the next village for fresh bread for the day.


It was on the way to an old railway track I came across above road.
Track was a bit of a loss though. Hudson Way - Beverley to Market Weighton,-0.437307&spn=0.034271,0.079823&t=h&z=14far too much soggy mud for the slicks on the bike. Disappointing as I was hoping for a leisurely ride out with family at weekend. It's the tree line that crosses A164

BTW the maps I have call it "Hudsons Way" signpost at start points down "Wilberforce Way". Presumably changed due to the local celebrations of his work.

I regularly cycle the disused Hull to Hornsea line though. Very nice pub conveniently located halfway. Bacon sarnies at Hornsea Mere recommended too.
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