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  1. blown out the back

    blown out the back New Member

    Hi to all this is my first thread,Here goes iam 40ish and 19ish stone just had to sell my specialized secteur comp car failed the mot badly anyhoo,i have stopped smoking and am going to invest in a new bike,i have narrowed it down to two,specialized roubaix compact/tiagra set up or the ribble gran fondo with 105 set up i loved the 105 set up on the secteur my budget is £1250.i need to use this bike for work commute 5 miles ew,and a short ride over the wk ends or days off,i need something comfy but fastish and that will handle my fat arse and not snap lol any thoughts would be welcomed cheers,
  2. T.M.H.N.E.T

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    Try not posting in Pro Race forum?
  3. ianrauk

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    Moved to correct forum. And please do not use all caps in your headings.
  4. What about a Secteur Comp..??
  5. Pat "5mph"

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    Empty brain here, but :welcome: to you!
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