Definitive Cleaning Guide?

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Ashford, Kent
Hey guys, is there a post or website that can advise me what, and when to clean my bike. I have had it a year and have used it almost every day.

Looking at the rear wheel, rims, chain, dérailleur's etc i can see they are all caked in a thick, black sludge.

I have seen a few guides on cleaning but should i take this off and re-spray it all with my GT85, or should i use something else.

Or should i just leave it. Im looking at getting some stuff today (Cheap stuff in wilko) to go over the frame etc, but what should i do about the moving bits.

Any help would be great,



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why do you need a guide?

clean whatever is dirty (soap and water) - and keep it clean

and lubricate the chain


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I would check the chain for wear, if it needs replacing that's one less part to clean!

For the frame, forks & wheels, get rid of the grit first & use baby wipes. I cleaned my rims at the weekend & they are like new!
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