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I have lost confidence in my dentist but before I actually move I'd like a second opinion on a tooth issue I have. Can I just ring any old NHS dentist up and ask to be seen? Would they see me or would I have to go private?


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I would say if you are concerned I would see a dentist privately rather than going to see an NHS dentist off the cuff. As much as I have no issue with my NHS dentist, the appointments are typically very short - much better when I have had a problem. Private dentists will be more thorough but it'll cost a lot more, especially any treatment you may have



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A lot of NHS dentists seem to be full up with patients. Give them a call though and ask. You would have to register with them if they do take you.
I am lucky that I have a wonderful dentist. Young Indian lady. Going every six months for a check up is no problem for me :-)


There isn't much to go wrong with teeth - either it's decayed too far and has to come out or it's rescuable and needs cleaning n filling. Most dentists can manage both, so not sure why you've lost confidence in yours.

I agree with Ian that many dentists are not taking new patients so you might need to ring round a bit.
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