Deore or Deore LX?



On my commuter hybrid, I was looking to replace my 8-speed Alivio with a Deore rear mech (which is 8 & 9 speed compatible)

The online retailer said that they had some Deore LX rear mechs they want to off load as it's no longer made. They were adamant that it will be compatible with 8-speed cassette and my 8-speed Acera shifters.

So I bought it as it's a better mech vs the Deore.

But, having spoken to a few local bike shops, they say that the LX is 9-speed and that my 8 speed shifters won't work the best. The say I need to change to 9 speed shifters to get optimum performance.

Somebody please reassure me Ive not bought an un-usable rear mech?


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I bet you can make it work. Set your end stops to suit the 8 gears you have, the shifters will give 8x cable movements, the mech won't know what it's connected to.


Thanks for clarifying.

I understood that it's the shifters that dictate the mech movement and not the mech itself, but with several shops telling me it won't work, I began to doubt my purchase.

Feel better now.
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