derailleur conundrum. ..


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This one's got me stumped and I'm just not sure if I'm missing something.

Iv got a shimano 105 rear derailleur, it's properly set up and indexed. Even had the cable changed recently.

when it's set up on a mechanics stand or on my turbo trainer at home it works perfectly.

Problem is when I'm riding the bike and have the rear derailleur on the biggest cog it's JUST clipping the spokes...

when I have it set up on the turbo trainer it hangs at least 4mm away from the spokes

Im thinking maybe my body weight is buckling the spokes outwards? But I only weight 10 and a half stone... also iv only had the wheel 3 months.

anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?


P.s. The lower limit screw can't be adjusted anymore without loosing the lowest gear!
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When was the last time hanger alignment was checked?


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After looking online at what the problem might be, the hanger does look a TINY little bit bent towards the wheel. But only if you squint! Should I attempt to bend it? Then order a new one?


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Its also feasible that you are bending/distorting the frame/wheels when you're on the road which clamping the bike onto a 'turbo' would prevent, but I'd get the hanger alignment checked out (it only takes 5 minutes with the correct tool)


Buy the hanger alignment tool. You will definitely have plenty of use of you ride regularly. The hanger bends so easily.

Also, a brand new hanger is only any good if the frame is absolutely spot on. The tool allows you to take out any minor lack of frame alignment, which a brand new hanger wouldn't.
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