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Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by John the Monkey, 20 May 2008.

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    Bought From: (Link goes to the jersey's product page)
    Price: £29.69

    After the discussion of Merino jerseys in this thread, I plumped for one of these as a "cheap" way of trying out a wool jersey.

    First impressions were that the sizing on these is big - I'd ordered a large, as I take large in most other cycle clothing (other than the petite dhb stuff). The large size of this jersey drowned me, and was returned in favour of a medium. This still fits on the large side, but I think part of this is the t-shirt like cut, (not fitted like a modern jersey) and the medium suited me far better (good length, even for my 6'2" frame, and less baggy, although still not as tight as I'd favour in lycra). People with more bulk in chest and arms might that they fill the medium better ;) As someone who doesn't get on with wool in general (itchy!) I was also pleased to find that the jersey is very comfortable indeed.

    I had my doubts about the "antique" features (metal zip, buttoned rear pockets) but found that the zip ran smoothly, and the pockets retained the stuff I carried on the ride (post for the people who used to own our house, and a Montane featherlight jacket) very well.

    The ride I tried the jersey out on was a short one (16 miles to drop off the post and then back) but it was a warmish day, and "taking it easy" never seems to figure in my mental list of options, so invariably I sweat a fair bit. With that in mind, I have to say that the claims made for merino were borne out by my experience with this jersey. I felt comfortable throughout the ride, whereas in a synthetic jersey I tend to start off feeling chilly and warm up gradually - didn't feel the need for a gilet when the sun disappeared either. At the end of the ride, the other property of merino (that it doesn't get smelly quickly) was much in evidence - the jersey is back in my wardrobe now, as it genuinely seems not to need washing.

    In short, I was very impressed.

    Pros - cheap compared to other merino jerseys, very comfortable and seems to handle a wider range of temperature than synthetic jerseys. Not stinky :biggrin: and not itchy ;)

    Cons: styling may not be everyone's cup of tea, fit on the large side (for me). Only a short zip (although you won't feel as uncomfortable as you would do in a synthetic jersey when you get hot). May lead to a "need" for more merino jerseys, e.g. from ...
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