Design Head wear Optic Fibre Helmet


Hi all,

I bought one of these helmets to try out, it has a 360 degree's red optic fibre halo and a built in rear red light. It's got 2 modes, constant or flashing.

Fortunately it fits my head, fine and it's not to geeky looking.

The glossy surface paint finish isn't the best.

It's very light weight and has Cool max pads on the inside and together with the comfy chin guard and helmet tightness adjuster, it feels quite snug and comfy.

I'd like to hear what you guys think about this helmet?



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, it has a 360 degree's red optic fibre halo
Illegal for use in the UK then.


I'm not entirely sure if it's legal to use in the UK? It was purchased over here and if I remember correctly, dhw Ltd manufactures the 360 helmet and also other pro riding helmets for Gatehouse UK.

Looking at the box, the helmets got the CE EN 1070 mark, whatever that means?
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