DHB active shorts , fit ?


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They are a bargain atm but has anyone any experience of how tight they are?
I can struggle with soem brands and have to go up a size , a small would be 31-33 " an xsmall is 30-31 , i hav a 30 " waist with 23-24 " thighs .
I recently purchased the Thermal version of these but believe the sizing is the same. Large fits me about right in terms of waist and chest, although the straps are a little tight and I'm not particularly tall, so take from that what you will. Prob be ok with the XS, as they're quite stretchy and you can return for free if no good?


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The size chart had me across the entire range, my chest I would be a XS and by inside leg XXL.

However, I am a 36" waist and the XL which are for 38" waist fit perfect for me, i.e. one size up.
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