DHB Harting waterproof trousers

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    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDeta...D=5360028253&N=dhb Harting Waterproof Trouser

    I bought these because they were available in extra humungus size and they were cheap comparatively.

    They fit well and are comfy.
    They are waterproof
    They do make you sweat, but I only wear them over a pair of Bib longs anyway so I dont feel it.
    They do help keep you warm and are wind proof (ish)
    They do have a reflective stripe for night saftey

    The ankle zips are however an issue. The zips themselves work fine however there is no velcro ankle fastener, and as such the zips tend to open by themselves as the trousers ride up your leg. I solve this by wearing velcro reflective ankle bands over the trousers, but I think a simple modification my the manufacturer on this basis would not be amiss. The good thing about the ankle zips is that they are long...more like calf zips and so the trousers are easy to get on and off...except inside a one man tent!

    There is no Fly zip, which means dropping them in case of emergency...erm...so to speak.

    That about all I can say on these really....for £20 they are worth having...but do take note of the zip comments.
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