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So I have got the Di2 hydraulic brake levers for Christmas (Santa was good to me) which means that the Di2 upgrade is on, well and truly. I know what bits to get to suit my bike with the exception of the handlebar cabling.

If I go for a handlebar cabling set it appears to have all I need


But I could go for a set of separate cables and a junction box


The second option seems to be more expense but the blurb mentions a fine adjustment capability. Do you know the difference and any reason for not buying the cheaper option?

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The top one, EW 67, is for Ultegra and the other one, EW90 is for Dura Ace. The difference is that the Dura Ace one comes in two models, the A and B. You pictured the A. The B model has more ports that can be used for expanding the system with sprinter switches, time trial bar switches etc. If your system is Ultegra and you only want to use it on a standard drop bar with switches in the lever only, you have the right wire set. They both have the fine adjustment capability.
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My Ultegra kitted DI2 came with the EW90, it fits neatly under the stem. I think the other one is designed to clip to the brake cables.
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