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I am 41 years old, two years ago I was diagnosed type 1 diabetic. I used to do a lot of cycling, commuting and touring were my main interests. Have been away from cycling for a few years. Last Autumn I bought myself a Dahon folder with the intentions of getting a bit of exercise...

I have found that a little exercise on the bike has a dramatic difference to my blood sugar levels, I have only been out on my bike for a couple of hours limit and find that I have to back off big time from my insulin injections. My wife gets worried about me and thinks 2 hours on a bike is a long time. Given that I spent over 10 years taking part in cycle touring holidays I find this a bit upsetting as although I have no direct plans to cycle all day again I would like to think it was an option.

Does anyone relate to what I'm talking about???


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It's certainly possible to do an extreme amount of exercise and compete at top level in sport: Sir Steve Redgrave being the prime example. Not being diabetic but having had a diabetic relative who did not keep his diabetes under control (deliberately), I've seen the problems out of control diabetes can do to eyesight and having bits of a person amputated. If it were me, I'd be asking my GP to put me in touch with a diabetic specialist to advise and contacting British Cycling to see if BC have any specialist inofmration available or can point in the right direction of where such can be found.

Have a look at these to see if there's any further info to help you:-



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There are a few diabetics on here that I can think of but they don't seem to be online at the moment. I'm sure they will notice the thread next time they are though.


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Get some good advice, but I know a bloke who is diabetic and competed to a high level in time trialling and track. As you say you won't need as much insulin as the body will be using up sugars. I assume you've had the condition a while and know how to deal with it. two hours on a bike is fine, your wife is only worried...maybe phone her an hour into the ride to let her know you are ok.


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Morning! Your experience sounds quite normal to me. I'm a type I as well, and have to make big changes in my insulin regime to take account of the exercise I do. Have you been on the DAFNE course? If not, try your best to get referred onto it.
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